The Smokehouse Creek fire is the largest on record in Texas. Since it started on Monday, the blaze has burned over a million acres of land in the state’s Panhandle, much of which is cattle country.

The fire, which spread around the town of Canadian, is still largely uncontrolled. It has devastated cattle ranches, destroyed homes and killed at least two people. It is now one of the most destructive fires in U.S. history, and conditions are expected to worsen over the weekend.

Here’s a look at the damages from the fire so far.

The aftermath of the fire in Canadian.

Cattle killed by the fire in Shellytown.

Fire burning across open field near Sanford.

Cows walking through land burned by the fire at the B&C Cattle ranch in the town of Miami.

Firefighters working in Miami.

Firefighters working through rubble of burned homes in Stinnett.

Austin Breeding examining the burned carcass of a pronghorn in Miami.

Grasslands burning in Roberts County.

Sheriff Brent Clapp, right, and his sons Rider, left, and Rangle picked through the ashes of their home in Canadian.

A destroyed home in Canadian.

Food was passed out to community members on Wednesday night in Canadian.

The fire has so far burned an area over five times the size of New York City.

Plants burned by the fire in Canadian.

A driver filming while driving down a road surrounded by wildfire in Hutchinson County.

In this photo provided by the Flower Mound Fire Department, firefighters are at the scene of a fire.

Wildfires burning in Moor County.


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